Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dec 17, 2011 ODC Christmas Party

Our annual Christmas party was held at the house of Larry and Carol Welford, with the executive board being the co-hosts.

The meeting was called to order by the President, Larry Halstead.

The treasurer's report was presented with $1,024.20 as the balance before the Christmas party expenses. Both the Secretary and Treasurer’s report were approved.

The Sunshine Lady’s report: Janice Parson’s mother passed away while Janice was on her cruise.  The memorial service was held after Janice returned, hence the reason Janice was not at the Christmas party.  Leo and Norah both are ill as is Wayne Simmons.  Velda is home and going through therapy.

Old Business:
40 year patches are still available at $3.00 each.

New Business:
The Executive Board recommends the following as Chapter Contributions:

   *$45.00 for the Wounded Warrior project from the Motorcycle Ride at the Spring Samboree
  * $75.00 for the Micah Ministries and whatever is collected  by “passing the hat”. 
The recommendations were approved, and the hat was passed collecting $130.00 for the Micah Ministries.

Camping trip fees will continue to be $5.00 per campout with the amendment of $5.00 per person over the age of 18.  We will monitor the camping expenses and fees annually for any adjustments needed.

Fund Raisers for 2012:

Motorcycle  ride at the May Samboree.  Funds collected will go to the Wounded Warrior Project.  Larry Welford will head up.

Hamburger sales at the May Samboree.  Kay will head up the committee for hamburger sales.  Craig will once again make the burgers.

Larry Welford led the induction ceremony for the new and re-elected officers.  Sandy Freed was installed as Vice President and Rebecca Messerle was re-installed as Secretary/Treasurer.

We recognized and thanked Jim Settles for the 5 years he served as Vice President.  Job well done.

Greg Smith spoke about the 2012 camping season.  He reviewed the responsibilities of the Trip Captains.  Trip Captains will pick the campgrounds and make the reservations.  If a deposit is needed, contact Rebecca Messerle and she will provide the deposit out of the club’s funds.    Greg passed around a sign up sheet. A list of camping weekends was attached to the agenda as was a list of recommended campgrounds.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sep 16-18, 2011 Campout - Oak Grove, VA

The September Campout was held at the Harbor View Campground in Oak Grove, VA and the Trip Captains were:  Halsteads, Parsons, Murguis and Taylors.

The meeting was called to order by President Larry Halstead after Saturday breakfast.  The September meeting was held at Oakgrove campground.  There were 12 member rigs present and the Settles came for dinner. Welcome to the guests:  Janice’s daughter Amy and family and Kay’s friend, John.  Trip captains were Parsons, Taylors, Muguias, and Halsteads.
Secretary and Treasurer’s report was emailed to the members before the September campout.  The reports were approved.

Sunshine Lady’s Report:
*Service for Joe Goulet was held at the cemetery at Quantico.
*Frank Ramer is in NC and doing well.  Sold the truck and the fifth wheel.

*Bernie Butler is in Assisted Living but have not heard anything more about her.

*Have not heard any more about Brenda Mitchell.
Kay has been busy this summer.  She spent three weeks with the Red Cross helping after the tornados in Alabama.  She then returned for another five weeks with the Corps of Engineers.  It is a great opportunity as a retired government worker.  Suggested if anyone would want to give donations to Alabama, to give to the churches.  They would make sure the donations are given where needed.

Old Business:

40 year Patches have arrived.  Cost is $3/patch.  Rebecca will have them available.

Club History:  Received some history from National.  We will try to get a book together and the book will be the responsibility of the Vice President.

Fall Samboree – Larry H has applications if anyone is interested. Dates are Oct 13 -16th in Harrisonburg.  There will be 50 sites with 30 amp power available on a 1st come, 1st serve basis at a cost of an additional $12.00.

New Business:

Election of Officers

The nominating committee consisted of Welford, Burdette and Parsons.  The nominations are: Vice President – Sandy Freed, Secretary/Treasurer – Rebecca Messerle.

A motion was made to accept the nominating committee report. It was approved.

A motion was made to elect Sandy and Rebecca.  It was approved.

Thank you to Jim Settles, who served for 5 years.

Christmas Party:  Various options were discussed.  The date of December 17th was set.  Options discussed for location included the Strength and Honor clubhouse in Stafford, and Welfords house, or maybe a restaurant. The executive board will review the options.  More info to come. 

Technical Tip:

Do you know the location of your fire extinguisher?  Extinguishers should be checked 3 - 4 times a season.  Check for green zones.  Also, take out and shake to mix the powder.

Campout Photos:

Larry Halstead with New Board for Campout Name Tags

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Aug 19-21, 2011 Campout - Haymarket, VA

The August Campout was at the Endless Caverns Campground and the Trip Captains were:  Freeds, Settles, Karstacdt and Zerhuesens.

The meeting was called to order by President Larry Halstead after Saturday breakfast.  The August meeting was held at Endless Caverns campground.  There were 8 member rigs and 1 guest rig present. Members in attendance were  the Freeds, Settles, Zerhuesgens (all hosts) and Winders, Parsons, Welford, Alexander, and Halsteads.  Welcome to the guests: Pat and Nelson Parish (friends of Settles) and Janice’s daughter Amy and family.
The day’s events were discussed.  Arrangements were made for a free caverns tour at 1 pm. 
Secretary and Treasurer’s report was emailed to the members before the August campout.  The reports were approved.
Sunshine lady’s report
Velda Taylor is home and getting outpatient therapy. She is getting stronger and hoping to be at the campout in September. 
Joe Goulet was in his 9th week of chemotherapy. (Note – the week following the campout we were informed of his passing due to an infection.)
Bernie Butler (past member) is living in an assisted living facility in Stafford.
Brenda Mitchell has been quite ill and had been in a hospital in Myrtle Beach.  She is recuperating.

Cards were passed around for members to sign.
Old Business:
Larry read a letter from the state directors that thanked chapter presidents for their chapters assistance at the state samborees.
Larry Welford talked about an article that was sent to Bud about the charity motorcycle ride that was being forwarded to Good Sam.  He is hoping that it will appear in a future Highways magazine article.
40 year Patches have arrived.  Carol Welford has them to distribute this weekend.  Cost is $3/patch.  Rebecca will have them available also at future campouts.

Club History – Settles are still working on the history. Club birth date of August 1971 will be celebrated this weekend, 40 years old.

New Business:
Fall Samboree:  Larry H. has applications available. Larry and Mem are planning to attend.  If anyone else is planning to attend please contact Larry.
Camping Schedule/Update:

September 16-18 Harbor View. Trip Captains: Taylors, Parsons, Halstead and Murguia.  Mem Halstead resent out email with the campground’s phone number.  There are currently 6 members signed up. Members need to call to make our own reservations as soon as possible.

Christmas PartyVarious options were discussed.  The date of December 17th was set.  Options discussed for location included the Strength and Honor clubhouse in Stafford, and Welfords house.  Location has not been finalized.

Janice Parsons thanked Bill Freed and Larry Halstead for their work on her step.  She said they were truly Good Sams.
Larry received an email from Bud about the possibility of the local states doing a multi-state Samboree. He was asking members to provide him their thoughts.  A possible date was to do it over July 4th weekend at the Delaware fairgrounds.
Technical Tip:

Larry H mentioned that Chuck Tolson’s tip for July about maintaining batteries was reinforced by the unfortunate incident of the Messerle’s dead batteries at the end of the July weekend. 
Tip for August was provided by Larry H.  Water sanitation of fresh water tank on a regular schedule is important.  As a general guideline 1.5 oz of bleach to 10 gallons of water should be used to sanitize your fresh water tank. 
Campout Photos:

ODC'ers at Endless Caverns

40th Anniversary of ODC

Amanda, Janice Parsons and Bill Freed

Pat and Nelson Parish, Jim Settles and Larry Halstead

Carol Alexander

Kyoko and Ed Alexander and Sandy Freed

Sandy Freed

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jul 2011 Campout - Charlottesville Area, VA

The July Campout was at the Misty Mountain Camp Resort and the Trip Captains were:  Bowens, Wilson/Soden and Murguia. There were 11 member rigs present. Welcome to the guests: Madison, Renee, Natalie, Amanda, Amy, Tyler and Amanda (Halsteads' and Bowens' granddaughters and Janice’s daughter and grandchildren).

Sunshine Lady’s Report

*Velda Taylor was scheduled to go home on Friday.  Walking with a walker still receiving outpatient therapy.  Ken is planning on them going to Myrtle Beach for their timeshare in a few weeks, but will have to see how Velda is doing.
*Joe Goulet is doing good, walking with a cane
*Norah’s knee surgery went well and she has been released from the doctor.

Old Business:

Audit of the Club Books – Carol Welford emailed a statement about the audit.  No discrepancies were found.

40-Year Patches – Rebecca Messerle has ordered the patches and is waiting for their delivery. Should be at most a couple more weeks.

Club History – Larry Halstead has sent requests to old VA State officers to see if any records have been kept.   The next thought is that National would have old rosters.

New Business:

Fall Samboree and Worker Volunteers – Larry and Mem Halstead are planning to attend.  If anyone else is planning to attend, please contact Larry Halstead.

Camping Schedule/Update

Aug 19-21 Endless Caverns. Trip Captains: Freeds, Settles, Karstaedt, and Zerhuesen.

Sep 16-18 Harbor View. Trip Captains: Taylors, Parsons, Halstead.  Mem will send out email with the campground’s phone number.  We need to call to make our own reservations.

Officer Nominating Committee

Two offices are up for election this year, Vice President and Sec/Tresurer.  Jim Settles is no longer eligible for Vice President.  Rebecca Messerle is still eligible for another 2-year term.  The nominating committee will consist of Larry Welford, Janice Parsons, and Randy Burdette.

Technical Tip:  Chuck Tolson gave the tip this month for maintaining batteries.  Make sure you check the water level in your batteries, for those that are not self contained.  Don’t fill any higher than 1/8 inch below fill line.  You can use an automatic waterer or make your own.

 Chuck and Bill Helping Janice Set Up - Tyler, Amy and Janice

 Marianne Helping Grandchildren Keep the Flies Away

 Janice's Daughter Amy and Her Husband and Greg Smith

 Blue Glove Larry and Chuck working on Janice's Sewer Hose

 ODC Social Hour--Can you find the Freeds?

Madison and Bear on Randy's Motorcycle

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Jun 2011 Campout - Powatan, VA

The June Campout was at the Cozy Acres Campground and the Trip Captains were:  Larry and Carol Welford and Brad and Rebecca Messerle.  There were 6 member rigs present. We welcomed our guests: Madison, Renee and Natalie. (Halsteads and Bowens grand-daughters).

Sunshine Lady’s Report – A Thank-you note was received from Carol of Good Sams for taking care of the refreshments during the Spring Samboree at Bethpage, Urbana, VA.

*Velda is at the Westmoreland Care Center for Therapy.
*Joe Goulet had fallen and broken a hip but is now recovering at home.
*Norah is having knee surgery on Monday (June 20th).

Old Business:

Audit of the Club Books – Carol Welford and Andrea Hornung volunteered to audit the books from 2010 and this was done during this June Campout.

40-Year Patches – Rebecca spoke to Southern Emblem Co.  He still had the pattern for the 30-year patch.  It would be $2.65 per patch if we ordered 50 patches.  A motion was made by Sharon and seconded by Neil to authorize Rebecca to purchase the patches and pay for them with treasury funds.  Another motion was made by Brad and Seconded by Denny to have the members reimburse the treasury $3.00 per patch.  Both motions were approved.

New Business:

Fall Samboree and Worker Volunteers – No action at this time due to the lack of attendance to the Fall Samboree.

V.President Jim Settles has been tasked with making a list of  all past ODC Officers.  Any help would be appreciated.
Technical Tip: 

Toad Vehicle Key:  If the battery of the toad vehicle is dead, the remote will not work to unlock the car.  Keep an extra toad key in your rig.

 Campout Hosts - Welfords and Messerles

 Bowens Enjoying Breakfast

 Sharon Bowen Enjoying a Book

 Hornung Family - Brandon, Andrea, Ryan and Neil

 ODC President Larry Halstead

Campout Mermaids - Madison, Reneee and Natalie

Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 2011 Spring Samboree - Urbana, VA

First Organized Motorcycle Ride at a VA Good Sam Samboree

Bike Ride – We had 14 motorcycles and 19 riders on the first Motorcycle charity ride.  $95.00 was earned.  $50.00 was given to VA Good Sam’s to donate to a Charity of their choice.  The remaining $45.00 will be given to a charity of ODC’s choice, which will be decided at the December meeting. Bill Freed and Chuck Tolson planned the route and everyone had a good time.The riders look forward to doing a ride at future Samborees.

Lining Up to Ride
Linda Burdette and her "Tatoos"
Larry Welford Giving Ride Instructions

Almost Ready to "Ride"

Some Stops Along the Ride Route

The Spring Samboree was held at the Bethpage Campground in Urbana, VA.  There were 13 member rigs present and one guest rig.

Sunshine Lady’s Report

*Velda Taylor is doing OK.  Home health care is coming in twice per week.  Progress is slow.
*Dick Bowen did have Gallbladder surgery and is doing well. The Bowens are still traveling but will be home soon.
*Kay Karstaedt has been in Alabama with the Red Cross, but is home now.

Audit of the Club Books – Donna Tolson and Mem Halstead volunteered to do the audit in May, but due to time constraints, the audit was postponed.  A motion was made to postpone the audit until a well attended campout.  The motion was approved.  Some discussion was made as to whether the President’s spouse could audit the books.  We will ask for volunteers at the time of the audit.

Thanks to Donna and Mem for planning the Saturday night meal. It was delicious.

Getting Ready for Spagetti Dinner
MelanieM, DonnaT and MemH

 ODCers Enjoying Spagetti Dinner

Carol, Ed and Kyoko Enjoying Dinner

Old Business:

Samboree Activities Boy, did we have a busy weekend.

Hamburger Sale – Thanks to Melanie for planning the fundraiser.  Great job.  We sold 108 of the 120 burgers.  Total profit $220.50. (This number is slightly different from what Melanie reported at the meeting).  The extra food and drinks were available to ODC members for donations and another $18.00 was given.  Melanie will give a complete write up of the event and the report will be added to the Secretary’s book. Larry Halstead will send Craig an email thanking him for making the burgers for this weekend.  Many comments were made about how good the burgers were.

Sandy Freed Waiting for a Hamburger!
           Larry Halstead Cooking Burgers                      

Larry Welford and Melanie Murguia Getting Ready to Sell Burgers
Book Sale – Denny Raymond and Peggy Settles manned the table for the book and flea sale.  Thanks to Ken Taylor for donating some items for the sale and to all the ODC members who donated books.  The total raised was $46.25.

 Denny's Handiwork

Denny and Betty Raymond

Larry Halstead and Larry Welford honored Tom Scalin and Judy Ramer during the White Rose ceremony held during the Saturday night program.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the Saturday night refreshments.

Thanks to Peggy Settles for the quilt donated as a door prize.

New Business:

Caravan to Maryland Samboree May  27-29: no one was interested.

July campout at Misty Mountain – June 15th is the deadline for registration. Hosts for the weekend are Bowens, Wilson, Soden and Murguia

August campout  at Endless Caverns – June 1st is the deadline for registration.  Remember we get a special rate and will include a free pass to Endless Caverns.  Call the number and speak to the person Bill sent in his email.  Maybe a bike weekend.

A motion was made for Rebecca to contact the Patch person to find out the cost of getting a 40-year patch.  The patch would be similar to the 30 year, but with the new information.  The motion was passed.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Apr 2011 Campout - Virginia Beach, VA

The April Campout was held at the Holiday Trav-L-Park in Virginia Beach, VA and the Trip Captains were:  Mathenys, Burdettes and Smith/Filice.  There were 13 member rigs in attendence. 

Old Business:

Treasurer’s Report – After the Christmas party expenses and the donation to Micah Ministries, the balance remaining in the treasury is $598.51.

Thanks to the Trip Captains: Jim and Linda Matheny, Randy and Linda Burdette, and Greg and Marianne.  After a wonderful French toast breakfast and chapter meeting, many of us went on a very windy bike ride to the beach.  We all convened for a chili dinner and a few rounds of left/right/center.  Then the stormy weather set in.  We all survived the storm and met for Sunday breakfast and goodbyes.

Mem Halstead, our Sunshine Lady, updated us on a few of our members:

*Velda Taylor still in therapy, hopes to be home next week.
*Bill and Rachel Ferebee sold their rig this winter and bought a place in Florida.
*Dick and Sharon Bowen are still in AZ, awaiting Dick’s gallbladder surgery
*Frank Ramer just called to keep in touch.  He is still in North Carolina, receiving the royal treatment from all the ladies.  He is doing well.

Thanks to Neil Hornung for representing the Old Dominion Cardinals at the January meeting.

Thanks to Larry Welford for arranging the February meeting.

Samboree Plans:

The Spring Samboree will be held May 20-22, 2011 at Bethpage Camp-resort in Urbanna, VA.   Applications are still being accepted.  Applications are available at  Mail as soon as possible.  

Hamburger Fundraiser: Melanie Murguia has done a lot of prep work for supplies needed.  She handed around a list for volunteers for all aspects of the project.

Motorcycle Ride:  We have received permission to hold the Motorcycle ride on Saturday afternoon.  Larry Welford has a flyer to be put on the VA Good Sam website and passed to the chapters Presidents.  Larry Welford and Bill Freed are planning a route for a two-hour, 50-mile ride.  Cost will be $5.00 per rider.  The money will be split 50/50 to charities picked by Good Sams and ODC.

White Rose Ceremony – We will honor Tom Scalin and Judy Ramera at the Spring Samboree.
The Old Dominion Cardinals have volunteered for the Saturday night beverage service.  The Messerles will head up this effort.

Old Dominion Cardinals will donate a Christmas quilt given by Peggy Settles for a doorprize.

Bud Wickam presented to the Chapter Presidents a contest for the first timers at the samboree.  Each club would have a table at their campsite with information about the club.  The first timers will go to the tables and collect the information to answer questions and submit the results for a prize.

New Business:

Spring Samboree Caravans – West Virginia and Maryland Samborees are the weekend before and after the Virginia Samboree.  If you are interested in going to the other states samborees and would like to caravan, speak to Larry Halstead.

Greg Smith updated us on the ODC weekend trips planned for this year.  June's campout will be held at Cozy Acres in Powatan.  Everyone needs to make their own reservations as soon as possible in order to get in our reserved sites.  More information will be coming.  All the other month’s campouts are also scheduled.  July’s campout is at Misty Mountain

Let’s Show Our Colors: – In an effort to promote Good Sams and the Old Dominion Cardinals, we are going to start wearing our vests for Saturday evening dinner during our monthly campouts.  It was also suggested that we wear our name tags for our newer members to learn our names.

Larry Halstead read from the Good Sams constitution to remind us what it means to be a member of Good Sam.  Also what safety equipment do we carry on our rigs?  Do you have extra long jumper cables, flares/triangles, and do you do checks on lights both on the rig and the toad? 

Remember to always leave your campsite in better condition then what you found it in.